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Top 10 HR Consulting Service Companies in Europe - 2020

In difficult times organizations are finding it very inconvenient to attract, nurture and retain the right kind of talent who will ensure organizational growth. Therefore, striking the right balance of benefits and direct compensation can support HR goals and fuel new levels of engagement and retention across a workplace offering employees a supportive array of benefits. The implementation of HR Technology offers clients with unique and innovative HR solutions that will be beneficial to both organizations and to the employees improving the overall productivity of the organization.

This is where HR Consulting Service Companies steps in to provide comprehensive HR Solutions through a single-window across various domains to enhance the success of various organizations. Simplistic and customized HR Solutions are formulated based on organizational needs, thus, they are best suited for businesses across distinctive sectors. The services that these companies offer are designed to make a difference to human resource management through unique methodologies that have exceptional strengths in ensuring well-timed delivery of HR solutions to clients. To help organizations and leaders select the best vendors and advance their organizational initiatives, HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the top HR Consulting Service Companies from Europe that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer holistic services coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you “Top 10 HR Consulting Service Companies in Europe - 2020.”

    Top HR Consulting Service Companies in Europe

  • Established in 2019, Global HR Implementation Services offers HR and payroll solutions to some of the world’s leading HR and Payroll outsourcing providers. With a team having twelve years of experience, the company helps businesses through their HR & Payroll digital transformation journeys. The company's team has been specifically hand-picked to provide a specific level of service that is achieved through expertise and experience. The company has the flexibility to fit its services into clients’ current projects or program teams where the clients feel they need extra support, or the company can be their project team leaving them to do their day job

  • Profil M Consulting is a German consulting company helping organizations develop and sustain a strong leadership culture. The company plays a central role in aiding companies become more successful and attractive through good and competent leadership. It also enables clients to find the next leader in their organization. The company’s array of services and tools help the existing leadership in becoming self-aware of their effectiveness and improve themselves. Profil M Consulting offers three major services that include leadership assessment, leadership development, and leadership culture. To support assessment and learning, Profil M has also launched several digital solutions such as an easy-to-use assessment app for observers to consolidate data in a very convenient way

  • Tamahris is a Human Resources consulting company, helping businesses to define and implement their HR strategy. Specialized in Integrated Talent Management and Project management, we deliver end-to-end services starting from business analysis to implementation and change management. The company is a human-scale company with extensive experience in supporting HR change & transformation projects for large multinational organizations. Their specific approach allows businesses to grasp the opportunities offered by actual HR technology, tailoring their approach to meet the unique needs and constraints of the clients. Tamahris was founded in 2013 in a short time, and the team has grown to 23 dedicated and passion-filled professionals with diverse backgrounds, covering 11 different languages

  • ZELTNER CONSULTING devises an integrated blueprint for all the internal HR functions and responsibilities of each domain at every level of the organisation. The company focuses on value-add services, such as Human Capital Strategy, HR Strategy, HR Transformation, HR Operation Model definition and last but not least, Talent Supply Chain Management consultancy. Furthermore, ZELTNER CONSULTING provides sustainable deliverables to help companies be responsive and meet today's HR demands as well as that of the future

  • MenschWert Consulting GmbH

    MenschWert Consulting GmbH

    MenschWert Consulting develops companies building authentic strengths by focusing on the corporate culture and collaboration, applying agile values ​​to deliver results, especially in the industries e-commerce, high-tech, and IT. The company believes in respectful collaboration at eye level, whether in a team, in management, in exchange with customers, clients, or suppliers. They do not believe in the and we, but in the fact that the economy in a digital world only works with trusting relationships. MenschWert Consulting brings the potential to life by finding meaningful connections with you. They help reduce barriers and build bridges so that efficiency is created and information can flow. Through their affinity for technology, the company promotes the connected world without unnecessarily adding complexity

  • AdviserPlus


    AdviserPlus is the provider of HR technology, consulting, and advisory services. The company combines HR data analytics, technology, and people's expertise to help HR leaders to not only improve operational efficiency and business performance but to amplify their business impact. The company turns the clients’ people data into clear, meaningful insights they can use. The enterprise’s HR software improves clients’ productivity, ER consistency, and people's performance. It brings world-class people expertise, coaching, and advice across clients’ business. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered currently at Bromborough, Wirral

  • Elements Global Services

    Elements Global Services

    Founded in 2013, Elements Global Services is the provider of employment solutions. The company supports everything from payroll & benefits, HR, local compliance to visa & global mobility. Its unique Direct Employer of Record (EOR) model enables companies to expand, onboard, manage & pay employees worldwide. So, whether the clients are looking for payroll support, human resources guidance, and benefits management, or just seeking legal compliance support, the company wants to be the element that will have a long-lasting impact on its clients’ business. The headquarters of the company are in Barcelona, Catalonia

  • Faculta


    Faculta company is specialized in Change Management, the human side of change in organizations. It successfully manages change, achieves more easily, quickly, and economically the expected benefits of its change projects. Faculta helps companies build their own Change Management competencies, certifying staff as Change Management Practitioners. Faculta provides tools and a variety of services for companies and government entities. These services include development programs in Change Management for Executives, Managers, and Employees, as well as international certification in change management. It provides mentoring services to organizations to help them develop internal skills in Change Management and implement a maturity model in change management

  • HR path

    HR path

    Founded in 2001, HR Path, a global human resource leader, which offers comprehensive services ranging from strategic thinking to the deployment of integrated tools in the field of human resource. From strategic thinking to the deployment of software integrated, the company offers complete solutions within the field of Human Resources. The four main lines of the company include HR and HRIS Business Consulting, HRIS Implementation Oracle, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Outsourcing of HR solutions and services, and Design and Distribution of HR Software. The headquarters of the company are in Puteaux, IDF

  • PathMotion


    PathMotion is the provider of employee-to-candidate software, with clients in all sectors and markets across Europe and the USA. It offers a platform where selected employees share their career stories to answer candidates’ questions. It generates the persuasive authentic content missing from the clients’ careers site, which can then be shared across their recruitment channels. The company’s software enables candidates to engage with current employees to access the exact information they seek, in the form of an impactful, authentic story. The software complements the company’s candidate engagement features with valuable self-generating content that can be used for clients’ social media or recruitment channels, and powerful data intelligence to ensure clients successfully engage with the right candidates