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Top 10 HR Consulting Service Companies - 2019

One of the main pillars in a successful organization is a strong HR department. As workplaces become more aligned with the needs and expectations of employees and their benefits, the HR industry is witnessing a major shift in the way it functions over the past decade. Organizations today are utilizing a combination of digital media, leading-edge technologies and the consulting space to take their business forward by ensuring employee engagement and satisfaction.

The digitalization age has skillfully shifted the concentration from the employee’s engagement to the employee’s experiences at the workplace. Majority of the HR consulting providers are shifting their emphasis on the core ecosystem and dimensions like company culture, engagement, and managing of the performance.

VR and AR are emerging as the hottest trends in the HR tech market. Majority of the HR consulting providers are seen to recommend these technologies that provide the simulation process to the learners and teach them on how to react in the real situations.

As this edition focuses on HR tech consulting services, we have identified the emerging players in the HR tech consulting service space. We are glad to feature companies like Jordack Consultants, Kaizen Human Capital, Mercer (ServiceS), New Heights Consulting, People Matters who have been at the forefront of revolutionizing the space through their boutique consulting services.

By providing the best consulting services and possessing several success stories to their credit, these HR Consulting/Service Companies are consistently proving their worth in the HR realm. We hope this issue of HR Tech Outlook helps you build the right partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technology-driven HR environment.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 HR Consulting/Service Companies - 2019.”

    Top HR Consulting Companies

  • Jordack Consultants is a training consultancy that empowers organizations to bolster their workforce with enterprise-wide systems training, learning, and performance programs. The highly trained and experienced consultants of the company bring strong technical expertise to deliver innovative performance-based training and accelerate the execution of projects for various Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies. Jordack Consultants offer training in multiple modalities which include a classroom-based training program, virtual training through interactive training simulations, e-learning courses, quick reference guides to cover essential processes and system functions, and many more

  • Kaizen Human Capital is an evidence-based organizational development, leadership coaching, and human resource consulting firm. Kaizen’s methodology leverages evidence-based HR solutions to meet organizational needs. The Kaizen team is comprised of members of the academic community and experienced practitioners. The firm offers every client the ideal mix between practical HR know-how and the best evidence-based supporting guidelines. As practitioners and active researchers, Kaizen Human Capital contributes findings and experiences to cultivate an actionable knowledge base for organizations in every sector

  • Delivering advice and technology-driven solutions that help organizations to meet health, wealth, and career needs of a changing workforce. Mercer's employee are all based across the world. Mercer is creating a secure and rewarding future for their clients and their employees. The company uses the analysis and insights as a catalyst for change. The company anticipates and understand the individual impact of business decisions at present and in the future. With years of experience, the company turned their insights into actions, enabling the people around the globe to live, work, and retire well

  • New Heights Consulting has an ingenious approach up its sleeves to overcome business challenges in a holistic manner. Stepping away from the traditional HR setup, New Heights Consulting—a vendor-agnostic Human Capital Management (HCM) firm—acts as the precise problem solver for discrete challenges within the HR space. New Heights Consulting to effectively help its clients ask questions to the vendors about the duration of the implementation and the execution methodology required to be followed by the users, in order to complete tasks efficiently. New Heights Consulting maintains transparency at all levels when it comes to sharing project information with the client. After the implementation, the company conducts weekly assessments of tools to ensure that the HR solutions adopted are delivering optimal results

  • The company offers a holistic approach by bringing a nexus of HR services to help businesses build great workplaces that engage people and drive better business results. People Matters acts as an extension of a company’s HR department or serves as an external HR department for companies that don’t have one. The HR services provided through “HR on-demand” help enterprises in seamlessly handling HR operations like pay practices, employee relations, legal compliance, and so on. The company also conducts HR assessments by reviewing an organization’s human resource programs, procedures, and infrastructure, provides full recruitment services, and offers a variety of customized workshops and training on various HR and/or workplace-related topics

  • Baker Tilly Vantagen

    Baker Tilly Vantagen

    Providing visionary human resources services to its clients, Baker Tilly Vantagen is a company who looks forward in servicing the business for all the organization's employee needs or investing in the future by lending a helping hand in the community. Baker Tilly Vantagen always put their clients first by offering them with integrity, passion, and stewardship. The company was founded in the year 1997. With a team of experts, Baker Tilly Vantagen specializes in human resource consulting, benefits administration, FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, direct billing, HR compensation, call center, HR auditing, and communications

  • Findley


    Helping the organizations succeed through a thriving workforce, Findley deliver expertise, experience, and innovative solutions to make the complex world of retirement, benefits, human capital, and M&A simpler to their clients. An independent human resources and employee firm offers value, responsiveness, and expertise to help the clients navigate today's business environment. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the company specializes in human resource consulting, actuarial consulting, administrative service consulting, and health and group benefits consulting. Founded in 1969, company clients vary in sizes, and the main strategy includes, aligning HR, benefits, and compensations practices with the organizational objectives, designing and managing retirements and health care benefits plan for the maximum impact with the most efficient cost to name a few

  • Geneva Consulting Group

    Geneva Consulting Group

    Addressing the business and technology staffing since 1997, Geneva Consulting Group is a company that provides technology staffing across the full-range of technologies and disciplines. Geneva Consulting Group also provides solutions comprising compliance and legal, risk management and HRMS solutions. Geneva Consulting Group provides clients and partners with competitive, efficient, and proven solutions to all the organization's staffing needs, storing candidate pipeline using best-fit candidates for the temporary, or permanent staffing requirements. Headquartered in Port Washington, New York, the company offers extremely low turnover rates, and high customer satisfaction



    A woman-owned, small business that offers a full suite of human resources consulting services, including on-site, and remote HR consulting. The company focus on understanding the business, identifying the needs of the organizations and working collaboratively to build a plan to keep the compliant and put people first. The company was created to offer businesses both small and big alike with access to expert human resources that will typically fall outside of the growing business budget. The company deliver comprehensive, practical and proven strategies to ensure the organizations have the best people management support and advice as the organization grow

  • Triad HR

    Triad HR

    Triad HR is a leading Human Resources technology consulting firm that partners with HR, IT and finance teams to select and implement HR software systems and related financial systems. Organizations are increasingly tasked to deliver more with less people. Often, its observed that HR teams are challenged with executing their day jobs while taking on additional technology projects and initiatives. Additionally, the movement to innovative cloud-based systems can leave clients with a gap of specific technical skill sets required to execute a Human Capital Management (HCM) technology selection process and implementation. It also specialize in helping clients successfully plan, implement and manage their HR systems roadmap and has team of highly experienced professionals to provide HR systems strategy development and assist with systems selection with an online RFP process to choose best fit technology