Whitaker-Taylor: Empowering HR with Best Services

Scott Burton, CEO, Whitaker TaylorScott Burton, CEO Whitaker-Taylor, with over a decade of experience in the HR consultancy industry, has been playing a pivotal role in the ever-changing human capital management technology landscape. With the practical knowledge and experience of both SAP HCM OnPremise and SAP SuccessFactors Cloud solutions, the company delivers the expertise that the clients demand when deploying these solutions.

Founded in 2007, Whitaker-Taylor has always been 100 percent focused towards human capital management technology. Today, the company has become one of the Tier-One consulting firms recognized by SAP as an SAP HCM “Specialty Partner,” which can design and deliver solutions across a broad range of HR functions, technologies, and service models. “We have found a way to help our customers achieve their HR technology goals, fill their skill gaps, and amplify their resource pools during peak work periods or module projects. We have earned their trust because we provide excellent service and deep expertise. SAP ERP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors solution implementations and support are all we do as a company,” says Scott Burton, CEO of Whitaker-Taylor. The company is also SAP Silver Partner, SuccessFactors Services Partner, First Advantage Partner, and WalkMe Partner and aims to leverage its partnership with SAP to deliver streamlined HR business processes and to maximize an organization’s ROI.

Enhancing HR Outcomes with SAP HCM and SuccessFactors

Being one of the world’s premier partners of SAP HCM, Whitaker-Taylor specializes in increasing the value of the SAP HCM investment. The company has an unparalleled depth of functional and technical expertise in SAP HCM OnPremise, project management, methodologies, and inventive solutions to HCM OnPremise challenges.

In the SAP HCM OnPremise Space, the company supports global SAP clients and over 300,000 client employee lives. It provides the tools that are needed to manage any businesses’ most crucial asset, which is an employee.

According to Whitaker-Taylor, over 83 percent of organizations leveraging SAP HCM would like to have additional functionality, but most of them are constrained by limited resources and the other left ones are not aware of the functionality available to them. The company with its expertise in ABAP development, Web DynPro for ABAP and Java, SAP portal, upgrades, new release installation, and more helps the organizations to uncover the true value of SAP HCM.

By combining its Human Capital Management experience with exceptional technical and project management expertise, Whitaker-Taylor partners with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses

By partnering with Whitaker-Taylor, the organizations can increase their cost-effectiveness, manage regulatory compliance, integrate information, and transition to the latest SAP technology in a cost-effective manner. The additional functionality provided by Whitaker-Taylor with SAP HCM also helps in business case planning and development, strategic roadmaps—gap analysis, mobile solutions for HCM, RFI, RFP, RFQ Design and review, time and payroll, talent and performance, Employee Self Services (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS), and learning solution.

In addition to SAP HCM, Whitaker-Taylor also has expertise in Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and along with that, the company is a user of SuccessFactors, which helps it in the successful implementation of the solution for the clients. By combining its Human Capital Management experience with exceptional technical and project management expertise, Whitaker-Taylor partners with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses. From SuccessFactors on-boarding to recruiting marketing, the company helps its clients in every step. Other benefits Whitaker-Taylor provides to its clients through the successful implementation of SuccessFactors are performance and goals management, recruiting management, compensation, and variable pay, online report designer, succession planning, workforce analytics planning, and calibration.

Talking about the features, SuccessFactors’ career and development planning also hold an essential space because it creates more vibrant measures that hugely impact internal and external business growth, compensation, and learning management. Not only this, the career and development planning that is an integral tool for the cloud-based SuccessFactors software also enhances overall processes while continuously updating itself to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Providing Services with Deep Functional Insights

The wide range of services offered by Whitaker-Taylor includes project services, product support, extended team services, HR technology consulting, and business consulting. Through its project services, the company addresses the most common challenges that the SAP HCM support team face, which is managing time and resources. Also, it is difficult for managers to find the way between system implementation/enhancements project and routine support, that too with fluctuating requirements.
However, Whitaker-Taylor’s project services address this issue with the initial implementation plan, leading to no knowledge leaks, elimination of ramp time for projects, and reduced project lag times. Besides, the company also delivers a variable resource element that joins the benefits of both spot consulting and internal teams to form a best-in-class hybrid service delivery model.

With Whitaker-Taylor, businesses can quickly go beyond basic SAP HR Technology production support and add strategic value to the business. The company’s E Extended Team Services (ETS) offers the optimum variable resource solution for rigorous situations, like when one is unable to handle projects and support levels simultaneously, or constrained by budget and are hindered from providing optimum support levels, or due to sudden staff turnover. The ETS model also combines SAP project and production support services into a comprehensive portfolio to speed project delivery and streamline on-going support.

"We have found a way to help our customers achieve their HR technology goals, fill their skill gaps, and amplify their resource pools during peak work periods or module projects"

Since Whitaker-Taylor has a talented team of consultants and employees who are up-to-date on the HR trends and solutions, the company delivers a whole set of HR technology consulting, which it produces in concert with Technology Integration Services. Apart from this, Whitaker-Taylor also offers HR business consulting, which helps HR leaders in streamlining operations, reducing costs of HR service delivery, enhancing employee engagement, and improving the performance of HR. It also provides unique insights and helps in the HR process transformation, HR shared services, HR change management, HR process harmonization, and HR service delivery management.

The company’s production support helps in going beyond basic SAP HR technology production support and adding strategic value to the business. It also helps in achieving the right balance between supporting and enhancing SAP application software. Besides, keeping SAP ERP, SuccessFactors, and HCM optimized with the right business requirements is also not easy, but with Whitaker-Taylor’s production support service it can be achieved.

A Firm Determination for a Better Future

As the Whitaker-Taylor claims no one can match the breadth and depth of their experience and expertise, the company aims to further continue on that path. “We do what we say we’re going to do. It’s as simple as that,” states the company’s tagline. The company’s people have exceptional skills in the areas of SuccessFactors and SAP HCM, and most of its consultants are senior-level, who have the practical business experience. Whitaker-Taylor intends to leverage that quality and wants to be more than a preferred provider for their clients in the future.

Besides, the company also wants to become its clients’ counsel and guide—based on its performance, ethics, and integrity. Whitaker-Taylor measures its success by the value it delivers to its clients and the level of customer satisfaction generated.
- Khyati Dubal
    December 14, 2018