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Martine Ferland, CEO, MercerMartine Ferland, CEO
HR professionals are continually finding new ways to better themselves, their companies, and the employees they serve. HR professionals need to equip their operations, and themselves, to function in a rapidly changing global environment. Many obstacles get in the way of HR success: reorganizations, M&A, talent shortages, budget pressures, employee demands, and disruptive new technologies. Based in New York, NY, Mercer has been helping organizations from multinationals to start-ups with their people for more than 80 years through consulting, information solutions, technology, tools, and exclusive research and ensures that its clients stay ahead of the market with its holistic approach to all things talent.

Mercer offers HR process redesign, HRIS implementation, and HR talent development to enhance the effectiveness of HR function to add long-term business value. Mercer’s proprietary HR Operations Scanner has shown many organizations where their HR service model is falling short or where the design is misaligned with strategy. With these insights in hand, HR professionals can change their operations and become a value-adding strategic player. With HR-specific assessment tools, workshops on trending topics such as “telling a story with data,” and strategic partnering, Mercer leads HR professional development. Mercer provides self-learning tools in many technical HR areas, as well as in-house talent simulations and public programs to equip HR department with powerful new skills.

Combining human capital data, exclusive research, and expert consulting, Mercer helps clients create the best plan for their workforce ecosystem. With Mercer’s talent strategy roadmap, clients can update their business strategy, identify gaps within their talent management systems, and define actionable talent initiatives. Mercer’s workforce planning tool or proprietary Internal Labor Market Analysis platform assesses internal labor pool, and with these workforce analytics, HR professionals can determine which talent investments are paying off and where they should be focusing for the future. Mercer’s Career Frameworks solution enables clients to build an employee value proposition that can architect compelling paths for their people.

Mercer assists clients to attract, retain, and motivate the critical global and local executive talent needed for long-term organizational excellence. Mercer’s Executive Compensation professionals provide best-in-class expertise in the areas of executive and director compensation and benefits, pay-performance alignment, and corporate governance.

Mercer offers HR process redesign, HRIS implementation, and HR talent development to enhance the effectiveness of HR function to add long-term business value

The firm helps organizations determine compensation levels that align with their strategic talent needs and relevant talent comparators. Mercer also supports expatriates to ensure their success with Cultural Training and Global Leadership Profile to help clients select and develop the right global leaders.

Mercer aids its clients to attract, motivate, and retain their workforce by rewarding the right behaviors. Mercer helps with benchmarking, total rewards strategy, and career frameworks. The firm’s employee rewards professionals help clients to create incentives, get a data-driven read on performance, benchmark salaries and level jobs, build employees’ careers, manage costs, and design effective rewards strategies. Mercer helps with talent mobility by optimizing the value of international assignments with mobility data and support, including the cost of living data, workflow management, and cultural training solutions. Mercer works with organizations to improve their mobility processes while boosting employee satisfaction and growth. The firm maps out effective talent strategies that are tailored to its clients’ unique goals, using its talent management and planning resources to help them select candidates, place them in their target regions, and iron out assignment details.

Mercer has built communications tools with employees in mind so that clients can get results-driven employee communication to support major HR initiatives; such as HRIS implementation, a new career structure, benefit changes, and M&A activity. Some examples are Mercer Belong portal and Mercer Career View, which make it easy for employees to access career information the way they access everything else: through an app. Mercer is much more than a deployment partner. The company understands the Workday maturity lifecycle from pre-deployment to ongoing Production Support as a Service (PSaaS). Mercer brings strategic thinking, the technical expertise, the amply certified team members and the ecosystem leading support services that help clients not only deploy Workday solutions but also teach them how to use their system most effectively. Mercer is committed to continually evolving its Workday solutions. Mercer is the only Workday partner with comprehensive Workday solution options, from advisory, design, deployment, optimization through change management.

Mercer is a business of Marsh & McLennan Companies, the world’s leading professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy, and people with 76,000 colleagues and annualized revenue approaching $17 billion. Mercer’s more than 25,000 employees are based in 44 countries, and the firm operates in over 130 countries. Mercer promises to keep delivering advice and technology-driven solutions that will help organizations meet the health, wealth, and career needs of a changing workforce.
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New York City, NY

Martine Ferland, CEO

Delivering advice and technology-driven solutions that help organizations to meet health, wealth, and career needs of a changing workforce. Mercer's employee are all based across the world. Mercer is creating a secure and rewarding future for their clients and their employees. The company uses the analysis and insights as a catalyst for change. The company anticipates and understand the individual impact of business decisions at present and in the future. With years of experience, the company turned their insights into actions, enabling the people around the globe to live, work, and retire well