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Simon Bradbury, Founder and CEO, Global HR Implementation ServicesSimon Bradbury, Founder and CEO
The seed of innovation is often rooted in an epiphany that manifests into a problem-solving enterprise in the long run; as a matter of fact, some of the most successful ventures in existence were born out of a simple train of thought amongst visionaries and entrepreneurs. The conceptualisation of Global HRIS is no different. The company’s founder and CEO, Simon Bradbury, had one such epiphany while pursuing his career in the human resources industry. He observed a recurring concern amongst his previous clients, which ultimately became the building blocks to Global HRIS.

“Despite creating newer and intuitive methodologies for human resource management, I noticed that some of our customers found it difficult to obtain the desired results in various projects, even though we supported them as much as we could. This led me to think that, regardless of the support offered by solution providers, customers could struggle to utilise a solution set to its fullest, unless an implementation and testing expert is present at the customer’s location,” explains Bradbury. At Global HRIS, Bradbury and team ensure the effective orchestration of HR project implementation, thereby building a sturdy enterprise for clients. The company recruits only the most experienced outsourcing personnel, adding to its resilient team of subject matter experts that engage with clients during business transformations. With implementation processes spanning across business, encompassing payroll project management, HR data migration, payroll testing, business process optimisation, service transition, and request for proposal and case reports, Global HRIS serves as a catalyst for HR operations.

Bradbury and team bring in the strategic competence needed for project management and enterprise data migration initiatives, assisting clients to be up and running as soon as possible, all the while reducing additional overheads incurred during such business transformations.

Regardless of the support offered by solution providers, customers could struggle to utilise a solution set to its fullest, unless a subject matter expert is present at the customer’s side of things

One of the recent collaborations that substantiate this value proposition is with a large organisation that had payroll accuracy of 99.5 per cent – a reasonably good index based on industry standards. However, one particular problem within the organisation resulted in bad press for the company. “When this client approached us, we identified various processes that do not add any value to the business and quite a few operations missing key control elements within the organisation,” adds Bradbury. The Global HRIS team deduced that the data coming into the payroll management systems is mostly fragmented, and a third-party provider streamlined these data sets across three different channels. When Global HRIS stepped in, the core objective for the implementation expert was to aggregate the multiple data funnels into one, while eliminating redundant process controls. Though the collaborative effort is still ongoing, the client has already witnessed significant improvements in payroll orchestration. “The process of payroll management has now been refreshing for the client, and we hope to quantify process enhancements in the near future, documenting areas for improvement and working our magic to achieve business excellence,” elaborates the CEO of Global HRIS.

The aforementioned collaborative effort is a testament to Global HRIS’ proficiency in catering to diverse business needs, which not only actuates an effective project implementation process but also minimises the additional cost incurred during business transformation. Bradbury says that the company aspires to adopt robotic process automation (RPA) into its service portfolio, in an effort to further streamline and optimise project management. It is safe to say that such a business trajectory promises dedicated implementation and project testing support to clients, creating a reliable workflow for business transformation.
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Global HR Implementation Services

Manchester, England

Simon Bradbury, Founder and CEO

Established in 2019, Global HR Implementation Services offers HR and payroll solutions to some of the world’s leading HR and Payroll outsourcing providers. With a team having twelve years of experience, the company helps businesses through their HR & Payroll digital transformation journeys. The company's team has been specifically hand-picked to provide a specific level of service that is achieved through expertise and experience. The company has the flexibility to fit its services into clients’ current projects or program teams where the clients feel they need extra support, or the company can be their project team leaving them to do their day job