Exequity: Pioneers of Independent Executive Compensation Services

Exequity, founded in 2006, was one of the first firms to provide independent executive compensation advisory services to boards of directors and management teams. The company was already practicing what the market later mandated—that executive compensation advisors be independent of any other service relationships with a client. Exequity provides only executive compensation advisory services, and their clients know that the firm’s advice is one hundred percent independent, which was the founding fabric of the firm. One of the hallmarks of Exequity’s consulting is their zeal for developing long-term partnering relationships with clients, unlike financial mercenaries, who come, solve the problem, and leave. The firm’s senior advisors, have rich experience in both technical and compensation issues related to corporate restructurings, including M&As, IPOs, spin-offs, divestitures, and turnarounds/bankruptcies. Led by the firm’s partners Chad Mitchell, Mike Sorensen, and Ross Zimmerman, Exequity today, serves clients ranging from multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies to private, pre- IPO organizations.

Exequity advises organizations across the entire spectrum of executive compensation issues including compensation benchmarking and design, technical/ regulatory assistance, contract development, and corporate governance compliance. The firm has a heavy presence across many industries and uses that diverse experience to provide creative solutions not bound by historical industry norms.

In contrast to traditional executive compensation advisors who tend to guide their clients to conform to generalized mainstream practices, Exequity helps organizations devise customized practical executive compensation strategies according to their needs, objectives, and performance. A particular strength of Exequity is their experience in corporate restructurings, where their consultants have worked on thousands of transactions across all industries. This rich history enables Exequity to competently advise organizations going through transitions based on practical real-life experience.

Exequity assists organizations in providing compensation programs compliant with the applicable regulatory requirements, tax laws, and stewardship over shareholder-approved equity incentive plans. The experience of the firm’s consulting team equips the company to deliver results even in atypical situations involving activist investors, CEO succession situations, and more.

We are growing based on our clients’ needs and market demands; this is a people and relationship business at the end of the day

Consequently, Exequity is nationally recognized and consistently ranked among the top executive compensation advisory services providers.

Exequity maintains a distinguished roster of advisors with technical knowledge, strong analytic skills, and rich problem-solving experience. These consultants understand how various external constituencies, such as shareholders, view executive compensation and balance that knowledge against benchmarking data and internal business conditions. The firm’s lead executive compensation consultants work directly with the clients to help them find practical solutions to the challenges surrounding compensation levels and plan design. “We are growing based on our clients’ needs and market demands. This is a people and relationship business at the end of the day,” remarks Mitchell.

Exequity is developing and deploying new analytical and conceptual models such as the Market Analytics for peer group development and relative TSR modeling and design, as well as the Incentive Zone Calibrator for establishing appropriate performance ranges in incentive plans. Continuously enhancing their potency to address their clients’ needs, Exequity is expanding organically. The firm has never merged with or purchased any organization, primarily following their strong internal philosophy of hiring the best talent, keeping a client-focused culture, and avoiding growth just for the sake of growth alone.

Known as ‘the firm that really punches above its weight,’ Exequity’s success bears evidence to the high quality of their work, data capabilities, and financial acumen. The firm smartly evolves according to the changing needs of their clientele. To this end, Exequity is creating out-of-the-box ideas, irrespective of factors such as industry and client size, enabling them to work ‘almost anywhere and everywhere.’