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Gavin Cockayne, Founder & Managing Partner, Chachapoya Consulting Gavin Cockayne, Founder & Managing Partner Earlier, applying for a holiday was a simple process. All an employee had to do was walk to the manager’s desk in person and ask for approval. Discussions and decision-making were facilitated using customary on-premise human capital management practices across the HR department. All that changed overnight when COVID-19 happened. With the pandemic hitting hard, organizations had to switch to remote working environments or introduce shifts to reduce the number of employees in the office and remodel their communication practices. As the concept of work from anywhere took over working from office spaces, organizations with nonintegrated and siloed business processes found managing a diverse, remote workforce spread across locations cumbersome and strenuous.

At this juncture, Chachapoya Consulting, as a pillar of support, provides value to organizations by aiding them in their transition from on-premise HCM to cloud and driving the ability to collaborate for effective human resource management. To this end, Chachapoya Consulting helps organizations shift their recruit to retire components from on-premise to cloud with the knowledge that organizational processes and the construct of HR systems need to be done differently. As companies look to onboard the digitalization bandwagon, Chachapoya Consulting is focused on delivering strategic guidance to organizations in their transformation journey. “HR teams are realizing that for their workforce to work from anywhere without hiccups, they require a greater level of automation, integration with tools like SAP SuccessFactors, and ServiceNow, seamless workflows and approvals and they are looking for guidance to do that,” says Gavin Cockayne, founder, and managing partner of Chachapoya Consulting.

True to Chachapoya’s meaning, “Warriors of the Cloud,” the company helps organizations conquer human experience management challenges by providing them with the capability to function using cloud and other technology innovations through its service offerings. Companies can leverage Chachapoya Consulting’s in-depth expertise in cloud computing and cloud systems for an easier and successful Cloud HCM migration from on-premise human capital management solutions. “We leverage technological advancements to help customers manage a diverse workforce that is working remotely in an effortless manner,” says Cockayne.

We leverage technological advancements to help customers manage a diverse workforce that is working remotely in an effortless manner

Cockayne points out that although the service delivery model is changing, COVID-19 was responsible for accelerating its evolution. Adding to that, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, conversational AI, and machine learning are being integrated into service delivery to enhance the candidates, employees, managers, and HR professionals’ experience. Chachapoya Consulting combines its extensive domain expertise and knowledge in human experience management, business, strategic leadership, and technologies such as conversational AI and robotic process automation to help organizations facilitate the seamless functioning of various departments from discrete locations. The company stays abreast of the innovations in cloud and AI technologies and tries to incorporate the latest cutting-edge features to simplify the multiple business processes and benefit the different participants within the HR approval cycle.

Through its unique methods, the company aims to improve the human experience space by streamlining and expediting the approval processes for the employees, HR managers, and others involved, and changing from a paper-based environment to technological and mobile workflows. Using a mix of technology and innovations in the service delivery model, Chachapoya Consulting enhances an organization’s human experience management process and bolsters its value in the market. “The future of work is changing and we leverage our technology skills and expertise to provide assistance right from strategy to implementation across the human experience management arena,” says Cockayne.

As specialists in SAP SuccessFactors, Chachapoya Consulting has led several global enterprises in their journey to the cloud and has been instrumental in establishing cloud strategies and deploying the full suite of SuccessFactors applications for clients across the globe. On that front, Chachapoya Consulting has established technology partnerships with renowned companies from the U.S and worldwide. Before implementation, the company understands the technology infrastructure of solutions like SAP SuccessFactors, ServiceNow, and Yellow Messenger, how they interoperate and then deliver an end solution that is realistic and viable.
The company helps its customers understand the importance of optimizing an HR service delivery model, being technologically equipped, and enhancing the experience for its employees, managers, HR departments, and the overall corporate leadership team.

To further highlight the robustness of the company’s offerings, Cockayne narrates an instance where a client had approached Chachapoya Consulting for a way to send customized messages to its workforce. Previously, the client had a standalone platform that sent generic, HR-centric SMS messages to its workforce on a subscription model. When the provider discontinued as they could not keep up with the client’s requirements, the client reached out to Chachapoya Consulting for assistance. With the team’s recommendation, the client integrated their transactional system with conversational AI, which sent personalized messages to the employees, reminding them of the different activities within the organization and their tasks.

Unlike the rest of its competition in the industry, Chachapoya Consulting goes beyond the role of being a consultant and dons the hat of a trusted business advisor. The company’s thought leaders look at the different aspects of a challenge faced by its clients, right from understanding their business, problem statement, and the different actors within the business environment to how various technologies can be used to augment their use cases and resolve problems. Post the deployment of technology or digital transformation within a client organization, Chachapoya Consulting offers post-implementation support and optimization to improve the client’s processes according to their requirements. The team also takes up enhancement requests such as adding more functionality, capability, robustness, and value-added services in the client’s operations for employee wellness.

From the recent turn of events, Cockayne points out that organizations have begun to acclimate to the change in the working environment and realize their ability to survive in a hybrid, remote-based setting. They recognize the opportunities where technologies can be leveraged to restructure and manage the working of the entire span of functions between hire to retire, such as recruitment and onboarding, to name a few. “With a paradigm shift in the way organizations are functioning, our focus will be to further develop and apply the concept of remote working into traditional business process management using the best of technology advancements,” concludes Cockayne.
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