Baker Tilly Vantagen: Bringing Best-in-Class Technology to HR

Kimberly Duffy-Wylam, President and Managing Partner, Baker Tilly VantagenKimberly Duffy-Wylam, President and Managing Partner
They are tech natives, always tethered to the internet, and have been exposed to more screen time than any other generation. Yes, we are talking about millennials. Given their tech-dependent nature, it comes as no surprise that millennials naturally gravitate toward companies that are on the leading edge. In fact, SurveyMonkey and Microsoft reported that 93 percent of millennial workers believe that ‘up-to-date’ technology is an important factor when choosing a workplace. Infamous for their “job-hopping” disposition, the only way to attract top talent today is to accommodate a tech-driven HR approach. “Technology should not be limited to the business side to drive operations; it’s indispensable for employment as well. It’s an investment well-made as it not only supports millennial demands like remote work options and work-life balance but also drives revenue and retention,” begins Kimberly Duffy-Wylam, president and managing partner, Baker Tilly Vantagen.

Driven by technology, a strong passion, and commitment to clients, today Baker Tilly Vantagen is the go-to authority on human resource services. With an industry experience that spans over two decades, the company specializes in HR consulting and benefits administration. They cater to organizations of all sizes, across industries and the focus is on cost-effective methodologies that enhance recruitment, retention, and other HR operations. “Our goal is not just to implement technology but help a client navigate through the entire change management that a new process or tool is likely to bring for the HR department and the employees,” remarks Kimberly.

For organizations looking for high touch benefits administration, Baker Tilly is a class apart.
“Our tools provide web-based enrollment options, customizable video communication, mobile applications through which users can check their enrollment options, learn about wellness and conduct healthcare spending account transactions with a few clicks, and much more,” she lists. Other state-of-the-art services include implementation and transition of existing benefit plans, payroll coordination, tailored employee communications materials, and complete HR support. Keeping in mind Gen Z’s inclination toward texting, Baker Tilly’s benefits administration model integrates text messaging as a communication tool, where critical dates around open enrollment and wellness initiatives are sent as text reminders.

In addition to benefits administration, the company also engages in several HR consulting projects many of which deal with compliance and mostly all impact HR strategy. If a client is located in multiple locations, Baker Tilly identifies and supports state-wide compliance needs as well as uses technology proactively to address compliance matters. The company’s other area of expertise is in assisting clients develop inventive total rewards packages for their employees. Bonuses and perks are not just for executives. Oftentimes a viable total rewards package is not limited to monetary benefits but more about intrinsic values such as work-life flexibility, professional development, and other benefits. “At the end of the day, employees want to work for someone who will invest in them and allow them to develop and learn. We create learning and development curriculums based on employee type, position, or department, and this customized approach works wonders for employees,” says Kimberly.

In an instance, a client with a footprint in various locations was facing serious trouble as their HR function was based out of one central location. When Baker Tilly came in, they implemented best practices in procedures and matrices and learning and development documents and as a result, the HR department was always aware of any changes. Employee policies that were previously recorded manually were automated and made available through the click of a button. All compliance issues were resolved and the client could finally function in a centralized fashion while supporting employees in different locations.

Going forward, Baker Tilly Vantagen plans to expand into other geographies to better service clients. “With new tools infiltrating into the HR market every day, we are constantly on our toes to ensure we have the latest technology to empower our clients as well as employees with nothing but the best,” ends Kimberly.