Strategizing Human Resource Consultancy

Carol Kiburz, VP of Human Resources, Acme Brick

Carol Kiburz, VP of Human Resources, Acme Brick

An in-depth understanding of HR operations is important for technology vendors of all sizes. In this competitive and technology-driven era, there is a demand for the replacement of the old-fashioned approach to HR management with a well-planned and future-oriented approach. Technologies capable of automating HR functions are being developed each day. Thus, it is of utmost importance in HR to adopt strategies for creating a robust organization and driving business success.

The Role of Experience in Bringing Change

I have been serving as the head of HR at Acme Brick for more than a year now. Before joining this company, I played various HR leadership roles in different organizations as well as had early career experience in technology. My experience enables me to look for ways in which technology can enhance the HR space and the business. We have automated some services to enable my team to become more strategic in their HR roles and offer greater value to the business. In addition to this, we have outsourced a few services, and we are looking forward to outsourcing others. At present we have delivered half of our HR roadmap and I believe in the next 8-12 months we will function as a fully strategic HR team with services and technology.

The Key Pain Points in Adopting HR technology

The challenges may vary from business to business. Different industry sectors, geographic footprints (domestic or international), and multiple languages give rise to unique challenges. Every organization struggles with these challenges; it is imperative that HR develops close ties with the business’ present situation and future goals so as to remain in alignment. In addition to this, it serves us well to stay abreast of the current HR and technology trends to leverage them in the most effective ways.

I like working with vendors that are smart, nimble, and responsive to my requirements, not just pull something out of a box that was done previously.  Bottom line: I choose those vendors who can partner with me and assist me through those challenges that we are trying to overcome.  

Your Take on HR

I believe HR should be focused on strategic HR services–the full talent lifecycle - because that drives the greatest business results. Talent acquisition, onboarding, assessment, engagement, development, reward, retention, succession – these are huge. I try to outsource or automate tactical or manual work. My team is relatively small, so it is not humanly possible for my team to indulge in every little task. To make their job easier, I outsource to experts and vendors in the field who can provide useful technologies and services to help my team.

"I choose those vendors who can partner with me through business and HR challenges that we are working to overcome"

Advice to the Leadership Community

Businesses should define their strategy based on market conditions, set their goals and move forward. Senior leaders should be aligned with the strategy/goals and help push initiatives forward, overcoming obstacles as needed. Technology and HR both play a crucial role as enablers of the business.

Your Predictions  for the Future of HR

In the days to come, I believe the HR space will witness more and more automation. Also, I envision an increased utilization of AI and predictive analysis infused throughout the talent life cycle. For example, these incorporations will help recruit the best candidates and as well as identify the most promotable employees. The existing technologies like voice to text can be pushed forward to provide faster and more responsive customer service to the internal customers.

The Role of Management Team in Transforming HR

I believe the senior leadership team needs to be in alignment on all business strategies. IT, F&A, Marketing and HR need to both support and guide these business strategies. My CEO and senior leadership team have played a significant role in providing input into our HR transformation and have been fully supportive of the initiatives we have undertaken.In my opinion, this partnership is indispensable for new HR leaders seeking to enhance the HR domain. Thus, having an insightful CEO and an intelligent leadership team is essential for transforming the aspirations for a successful business into a reality.

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